Alma Nomada, Porto Covo

Being a Alma Nomada means nature is your guide.

Respecting the winds, the tides and the equinox. Gathering from the land and fishing from the sea.

Being a Alma Nomada is savouring one day at a time. It means sitting down to enjoy a meal with unexpected aromas and flavours, cooked with with skill, passion and respect for ingredients.

Being a Alma Nomada means honouring traditions, discovering authentic flavours and cultivating a taste for adventure.

The executive chef, Ricardo Leite, and his team have worked to reinvent the culinary heritage of the region, offering you a delicious menu in a relaxed setting.

Located in Porto Covo, where the Alentejo and its gentle people meet the sea.

Location: Parque de Campismo Costa do Vizir, Monte Branco – 7520-437 Porto Covo, Portugal


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