Go on a hiking adventure and discover Portugal!

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Algarve Coastline Walking Tour: The Path of Dona Ana – $48.52

This walking tour enables you to see the beauty of the Algarve coastline. Bring your camera and prepare yourself for the most stunning views and fantastic paths until Porto de Mós beach! We will also pass by Ponta da Piedade (religious monument and also one of the oldest lighthouses in Algarve) and finish the tour at the beach where we can go for a dive.


Unique Private Walking Tours in Lisbon Portugal – $186.62

A relaxing tour where you will feel and understand the old city

Not all people are the same and that is why I have different tours. There are people who cannot or do not want to walk the famous 7 hills and everyone has different times available to get to know the city of Lisbon. That is why I created this tour to get to know the city in a simple and easy way. We will walk through the medieval neighborhoods Alfama, Castello, And Mouraria. We will finish near the river the Tagus in the Baixa. After this tour, you will understand and feel the energy of the city.


Full Day Walking Tour in Portugal – $74.65

It will be an amazing adventure. We will visit the most beautiful and mystic places in Portugal, from fairy-tale Sintra to breathtaking views of Cabo da Roca.

This town is a very unusual place. On one hand, people say that this place looks like something from a fairytale, with its villas and houses surrounded by trees and flowers. On the other hand, they say that it is a mystic place, which keeps its secrets and treasures, that are hidden somewhere in the mountains.

Cabo da Roca
Have your ever been at the end of the world? Once upon a time this place was known as one. Nowadays, it is the most western point of Europe.

On our way back we will take a road, known as Marginal, which goes through all small towns on the Atlantic coast, on the way from Lisbon to Cascais. It is, also, known as one of the most beautiful roads in Portugal.

Full-Day Hiking Tour in the Westernmost Cliffs in Portugal – $111.97

This is the westernmost hike on the entire European continent. Lead by a German who fell in love with Portugal.
The combination of hiking and riding the most romantic tram of Portugal, made in 1904, is an experience that will stay alive in your memory forever.
You be dazzled by the beautiful views and sites of this unique hike, following trails that have been used for thousands of years by lovers and fishermen.
You will get also a good flavour of Portugal from Harald sharing his knowledge and insight, as well as a typical portuguese Pic-Nic for lunch.