Water Twister

Have fun with your family and friends in a water twister in Portugal!

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Twister Ride, Algarve, Portugal – $18.66

Do you love the sensation of adrenaline running through your veins? So we have the perfect activity for you! This exciting trip in our Aqua Twister in Armação de Pêra is a super fun experience to do during your stay in Armação de Pêra!

Come aboard our super fast and fun Aqua Twister in Armação de Pêra for a fun ride! Our experienced captain knows all the moves he needs to make to make the Aqua Twister go completely crazy behind the boat! It will revolve around the sea, make 360s, splash around the water and make you scream for fun!

Be sure to hold the handles so you do not fall off and wear swimwear because one thing is for sure – no one will stay dry during this fun and exciting ride! Bring all the members of your family or group of friends to join this fun tour at Aqua Twister in Armação de Pêra. The tour in Armação de Pêra starts at the beach and the tour takes about 10 minutes. But the memories will last forever!

Crazy Sofa Adventure, Algarve, Portugal – $18.66

This “crazy sofa” is certainly the funniest water sports in Armação de Pêra. The “crazy sofa” will get you to dive into the water. Come aboard our “sofa” that went crazy! This super fun water sport in Armação de Pêra gives you a huge boost of adrenaline.

Join a group of friends and family and see who gets to stay on the “crazy sofa” any longer. Hold firmly to avoid falling into the water. It is very fun!

Aside from the fun, we are sure that everyone will enjoy the scenery as they glide over the water. This water sport in Armação de Pêra is part of Armação beach. This ride on the “crazy sofa” will take about 10 minutes. Believe us: this is enough time! Our boat will pull the “sofa” quickly or slowly, depending on your preference. We say: the faster, the better!

Take a group of friends and family and let’s enjoy the most fun water game in Armação de Pêra!